Add a chatbot to website using Chatlio

“Chatlio’s ‘Integrations’ feature lets developers easily embed a Slack bot inside of a widget on the web.

Lightbulb image Looking for a code-free method? Click here to integrate a Dialogflow or IBM Watson Conversation chatbot in your Chatlio widget without any custom development!

Follow these steps to embed an existing Slack bot in a widget:

Step 1. Add your bot to your Slack Team by using Slack’s bot users.

Note: Are you looking for an alternative solution instead of developing a Slack bot? Chatlio offers integrations with IBM Watson Conversation and Dialogflow, which provide chatbot solutions that don’t require writing code.

Step 2. In the Chatlio dashboard, select integrations.

Step 3. Click “Add your first integration”

Step 4. Select “configure” next to Slack logo

Step 5. Choose from the list of available bot users, select Add Bot next to the Bot User that you would like to connect to your Chatlio Widget.

Chatlio dashboard bot selection

Step 6. When a new conversation is started that bot user will automatically be added to the channel in Slack.

Chatlio bot responding in Slack

Step 7. Bot responds to visitor.

Chatlio widget showing bot

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