Embed a Google Dialogflow or IBM Watson Conversation chatbot on a website

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What is this feature?

What is Chatlio?

Chatlio is a live chat software that directly integrates with Slack, allowing you to chat with your website visitors without leaving the Slack client. Chatlio’s “Integrations” feature offers the ability to easily add a Google Dialogflow or IBM Watson chatbot directly into the chat widget on your website to interact with your customers. Learn more about Chatlio here.

This is a code-free method! No custom development is required.

Both Google’s Dialogflow and IBM Watsons Conversation platforms allow you to easily build custom, threaded conversations using your business’s own content, that your chatbot will use to interact with your site’s visitors. With Chatlio’s new integration, you can easily embed your existing chatbot directly in a webpage.

Some possible applications for this feature:

How to connect an existing Watson Conversation or Dialogflow chatbot to Chatlio:

(I will use Dialogflow for this example)


First, this guide assumes you already have an account with Chatlio, and with either Google’s Dialogflow or IBM Watson Conversation. You’ll need to build the conversation possibilities in either Dialogflow or Watson before connecting the bot to chatlio.

If you don’t have an account already click here to sign up for Chatlio.

Chatlio integrations dashboard

Chatlio Dialogflow create form

Dialogflow bot response in Slack

Chatlio Widget with bot responding

Turn your bot on/off manually from Slack

You can manually turn your bot’s on/off from the visitor channels; this can be useful for when a human operator needs to take over a chat.

Chatlio turn bot on/off

Looking for another integration? Chat with us below to let us know which other 3rd party integrations you would like to see us implement. We’d love to hear your ideas!

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