The best way to chat with your customers using Slack.

Chatlio integrates easily with your website and allows you to communicate with your customers directly from Slack.

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Slack + Chatlio

So how does Chatlio work?

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1. First, you need to authorize and connect the Chatlio app in Slack.

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2. Next, get the Chatlio widget code snippet from our website.

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3. Start chatting with your visitors on your site in Slack.

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Style your widget how you want to fit your brand and use cases.

Button Widget

Trebate pomoć? Tu smo 👍

Chip Widget

ねえ!助けが必要 🙌

Tab Widget

Many chat providers charge extra for full customization – we don’t.

You can choose to easily customize your chat widget’s attributes, like it’s shape, colors, and labels in the Chatlio control panel. Or you can also take full control of the entire widget design with CSS access for free on all plans.


Easily integrate chat to your website.

Use Chatlio as your complete customer care system that easily integrates into your website and your Slack account. Chat with visitors with no additional software.

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Engage your customers automatically.

With Chatlio triggers, you can have messages automatically sent to users on your behalf, significantly increasing visitor engagement when done thoughtfully.

auto trigger example
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Chatlio integrations

  • Javascript API available to allow developers maximum control over the widget and chat data.
  • Webhooks available to export all useful data out of Chatlio into your own or other 3rd party systems in realtime.
  • Zapier app to allow 1000s of integrations with no coding required.
  • Build your own bots to communicate with visitors for you.

Slack quick-features that integrate to Chatlio

Slack commands screenshot

Slack users can customize Chatlio's behavior directly inside of Slack using custom commands.

request screenshots screenshot

Request screenshots from visitors with no client side plugin required

drag & drop files screenshot

Drag & Drop images and files in Slack and they are forwarded to visitor, works both ways

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Direct engagement by your whole team

When a visitor to your site initiates a new chat session, Chatlio creates a dedicated channel for just that conversation. Your team will see a notification in your Chatlio channel in Slack, and any of the operators can join in the conversation at any time.

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Chatlio dashboard

The Chatlio Dashboard allows full control & customization of your chat widgets design and behavior. Generate custom reports to get vital customer chat history/statistics.

  • Overview Reports
  • Account Management
  • Chat Setup

Developer friendly live chat for Slack

For developers, by developers

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Easy integration

We make setup and integrating with your site as easy as possible. Setup is as simple as allowing Chatlio access to Slack, choose the channel you want to integrate with and paste our embed code snippet on the pages you want to have live chat.

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Fast, secure, reliable

First and foremost we value speed, reliability and security. We strive to keep our widget code as light as possible with as few dependencies as possible. We also load our widget in a way that doesn't impact the rest of your site.

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Built for all, with modern tech

We value broad browser support and standards and we use some of the best tools available today. Our backend api is written in Golang (Google) and frontend in React (Facebook). All hosted on Amazon's trusted infrastructure.

Chatlio is great for pre-sales

Chatlio more than pays for itself in increased conversions

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Know the current page of visitor

By default, Chatlio shows the location, current page, local time and ip address of each visitor.

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Identify visitors with your data

Using our JS API, you can send in any of your own custom data and it will show along with each chat.

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Respond Instantly

With livechat, you are able to talk with your customers at the most critical times in conversion flow.

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Prompt for name and email

Ask visitor for email and name before chatting with visitors so you know who they are.

Chatlio is great for product support

Chatlio makes it as easy as possible to support your customers

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Take screenshots

Request a screenshot from a customer directly from Slack, no additional software required.

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Know your Customers

By default Chatlio shows the location, browser, OS, current page, and local time of each visitor.

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Seamless Integrations

Our webhooks allow you to integrate with with hundreds of 3rd party CRMs, etc.

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Code blocks supported

Share code samples and snippets using backticks, just like you do in Slack

Chatlio in the news

Chatlio widget on phone
Chatlio widget on tablet
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Device friendly widget

Widget title bar shrinks to just a chat icon on mobile, chat widget fills full screen when open, tested on Apple iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. Optionally, you can hide chatlio widget when on small viewports

Chatlio on phone
Slack + Chatlio

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