In less than 5 minutes you can embed Slack on your site.

Embed a Slack connected live chat widget to your website. Chat with your website visitors directly from Slack. You don't need another chat client to talk to your customers. Chatlio Embed Widget Not what you are looking for? Do you want to embed an entire channel in your website? Checkout Roomlio to embed an entire channel into your website.

Chatlio installation overview

After signing up for Chatlio, you simply connect Chatlio to your Slack account and follow the few easy setup steps. Authorize Chatlio
  • Copy/Paste embed code
    Chatlio provides you with a simple snippet of code that you put on the pages of your site where you want to have a live chat widget similar in functionality to Olark, but works directly with Slack.
    See more on our features page

  • Chatlio Embed Widget Code
  • Bi-directional Slack integration
    Because Chatlio allows you to chat back and forth directly from with Slack, your team can be more productive. One less tab and one less app needed. Just use your Slack apps as you normally do.

  • See all Chatlio features
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