Live Chat with visitors directly from Slack.

Using Chatlio’s app for Slack, you can chat with your website visitors directly from Slack. You don’t need another chat client to talk to your customers. Simple one minute install.

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Chatlio features

Know your visitor

Chatlio automatically displays your customer’s location, local time, browser and OS information, and the current page they are chatting from.

Chatlio Slack Identify

Engage your visitor automatically

With Chatlio Triggers you can automatically reach out to your website’s visitors based on a specific page they are viewing, their location, or their behaviors.

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Fully customizable

Many chat providers charge extra for full customization – we don’t. You can choose to easily customize your chat widget’s attributes, like it’s shape, colors, and labels in the Chatlio control panel. Or you can also take full control of the entire widget design with CSS access for free on all plans.

Developer friendly

We offer a javascript API available to allow developers maximum control over the widget and chat data. Check out the full docs here. We also provide webhooks which will enable for you to integrate Chatlio with existing systems easily.

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