New Chatlio features, Feb 2019!

on February 8, 2019

Update, Feb 2019.

Hello there!

We thought you might like a quick update on what’s been going on! We’ve got a few new features and small updates to share with you.

What’s new?

“Peek” messages

We added a new way to display trigger messages. “peek” trigger text is shown in a smaller message bubble next to a closed widget. See the Chatlio triggers tab and check out the new display style setting to enable. All new triggers you setup will now default to the new “peek” style.

Privacy options

We added new privacy options to the widget & dashboard. Now you can require visitors to accept customized pre-chat agreements and also include a custom “privacy policy” link in your widget’s footer. See the Chatlio appearance tab in the dashboard to configure.

privacy widget

Geo restrictions

Want your chat widget to only show in specific countries? You can now show or hide the chat widget based on the country(ies). See the Chatlio behavior tab in the dashboard to configure this.

geo restrict settings

Improvements to /chatlio ban command

Hopefully you don’t have a problem with trolls 👺, but in case you do, we’ve improved our /chatlio ban command functionality! Read more about other Chatlio commands you can run in Slack here:

Platform-specific install instructions

Now it’s easier than ever to embed Chatlio on your website. The install tab on our dashboard now includes platform-specific instructions for easy integration with Shopify, Squarespace, Joomla, Drupal and more! Check out the widget install tab and then click “other platforms.”


New changelog page

Want to track our progress? We regularly update and approve upon Chatlio by releasing new features and fixing bugs, check out our changelog page for the latest updates to our widget, dashboard, and API:

Thanks again for all your continued support and feedback.

Stop by and chat with us anytime!

Bye for now from Team Chatlio

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