Why Chatlio?

John Eberly on September 29, 2015

Why did we create Chatlio? Good question! :)

We created Chatlio out of our frustrations with existing customer support and pre-sales options. Adding live chat to your site has many, many benefits (more below), but the existing solutions are complicated to use and setup, forced you to use their web app, and ignored the operator experience as well. We set out to fix that with Chatlio.

Our goal: Make it as simple as possible for you and your customers to communicate.

Most chat products focus on the visitor, which is of course you must, but most chat products didn’t consider the operator’s daily usage before you force another tool on them.

By integrating with the most popular business chat software, Slack, using Chatlio requires no extra tabs, client downloads, context switching etc. This is what sets Chatlio apart from the others.

We also believe more and more customers prefer chat over email/phone when they have questions about a product or service. Just as most of us are messaging more now on our phone, Facebook, etc. as opposed to a call or email, we are seeing that trend continue with our online interactions for sales and support related questions, moving away from traditional call trees or email support.

There have been live chat services for years, but all of them require you to use their web interface, etc to respond to customers. We took it one step farther and integrate directly with Slack, the most popular business chat software, so the operators can efficiently respond to site visitors without leaving the chat software they already use and love internally.

What is the importance of real-time chat?

We have seen what started as very frustrated customers who hop on chat and get an instant response turn into extremely happy customers that tout their experience with us to others online and offline.

In addition, a lot of our customers, including ourselves, show that having live chat as part of the sales funnel greatly increase conversions because you can engage the customer with the few questions they might have during the most critical stages of the signup process. This means a live chat product can more than pay for itself.

Who are we?

We are a small team of real humans making a product we use ourselves and many others enjoy. We work out of Seattle and Stockholm. Feel free to talk with us right now. :)

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