New Chatlio features and improvements, October 2016!

on October 20, 2016

Hello All! Here is an overview of our latest updates to Chatlio.

Automatically send messages to visitors on your behalf via Chatlio triggers!

Our number one requested feature was the ability to automate messages to visitors based on what page(s) and how long they have been there. We are happy to announce that this is now possible with Chatlio triggers. When used thoughtfully (please do), triggers can increase engagement with your visitors. Some good examples of triggers are asking if visitor has any pricing questions after 30 seconds on pricing page, or if user likes new feature on the page where new feature is located. But use your imagination as you know your users best.

chatlio triggers for slack

Visitor unread message indicators

A subtle touch we added for all accounts, is an unread message indicator for visitors. This is best explained by showing what a visitor sees when they have a new Chatlio message.

chatlio visitor unread message indicator

Multiple users per Chatlio account

A boring, but very useful addition to Chatlio, you can now add multiple users to your Chatlio account, so you can share Chatlio dashboard access with the rest of your team without sharing a login.

Chatlio user admin

Segment Integration

If you use Segment for user analytics, Chatlio now provides built in support for sending chat related events to Segment to give you a full picture of activity on your site including live chat. Details on how to use Segment with Chatlio.

Here are the events currently sent by Chatlio to Segment:


Trick or Treat?

(or how to stop those mildly annoying “so-and-so removed you from the channel” bot messages)

Since it is October, we thought we would share a little Chatlio trick. Instead of using “/chatlio end”, you can do “/leave” in a dedicated channel and we will automatically end the conversation if you are the last human in the channel. Most importantly that stops those mildly annoying bot messages that you have been removed from channel. (assuming you aren’t the user who configured Chatlio)

Chatlio avoid removed you from channel message

Attention Product Hunters

If you like Chatlio and haven’t upvoted our Product Hunt listing, we would be extremely grateful for an upvote! This helps us to continue to grow and provide more value to everyone.

Thanks again for all your continued support and feedback.

Stop by and chat with us anytime!

By for now from Team Chatlio

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