Chatlio Segment Integration

Integrating Chatlio with Segment and Google Analytics

If you use Segment for user analytics, Chatlio provides built in support for sending chat related events to Segment to give you a full picture of activity on your site including live chat.

Here are the events currently sent by Chatlio to Segment:

  • Live Chat Conversation Started
  • Live Chat Conversation Ended
  • Live Chat Message Sent
  • Live Chat Message Received

Chatlio automatically ties these events together with other activity on your site using the visitor id.

In the example image below you can see how Segment traces a visitor navigating, browsing through a few documentation pages and then asking a question using the live chat widget and finally decides to sign up.

NOTE: In order for this to work, you first must have the segment javascript snippet Analytics.js setup and installed on your site. See Segment Quickstart for details in case you don't know. We leverage the segment id to tie chat events to the segment user.

Enable Segment integration by adding your Segment write key in the Chatlio Dashboard. See the setting towards bottom of the page.

To find your Segment write key, log in to and click on the appropriate source. Then click on the “Settings” tab. Then go to “API keys” from the left navigation menu. The write key is shown to the right.

Chatlio segment integration

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