Chatlio Server API

The Chatlio Server API allows you to interact with the Chatlio servers directly. If you have a need for a server API that is not listed below, please let us know!

The server API endpoints are based on REST. They accept form-encoded request bodies, return JSON-encoded responses, and use standard HTTP authentication, request methods and response codes. All endpoint URLs have the following format:[endpoint-/specific/part]


Calls to the Server API endpoints are authenticated using API key that can be found here.


Your API key should be treated as a password, so be sure to keep it secure. Do not share your API key in publicly accessible resources such as code repos and client-side code. If you believe your API key has been compromized, revoke it by generating a new one in the dashboard.

Your API key is scoped to your Chatlio account. To authenticate a server API call, provide your API key as the basic auth username value.


curl -u YOUR_API_KEY:

You can also authenticate via bearer auth by including an Authorization header in the call:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY"


Method: GET


Retrieves info about currently ongoing conversations for the widgets (also known as chat endpoints) under your Chatlio account.

To get the summary for a specific chat endpoint, provide the widget ID instead of all in the URL (the widget ID can be copied from the widget’s embed code).

If you want the response to include visitor metadata, pass the following parameter to the API call:


Example request:

curl -u YOUR_API_KEY: -G -d visitor_data=true '

Example response:

    "data_widget_id": "aac51067-2851-452c-9027-74c6521a5122",
    "slack_channel": "C02ZA71UP8Z",
    "slack_channel_url": "",
    "slack_channel_name": "acme-support",
    "unanswered_conversations": null,
    "inprogress_conversations": [
        "slack_channel_name": "z-frank-doe-3183",
        "slack_channel_id": "C1539ZA5728",
        "slack_channel_url": "",
        "first_message": "Hello there. I have a question about Acme Power W153",
        "visitor": {
          "ip_address": "",
          "current_page_url": "",
          "browser_info": "Firefox 98.0 Windows 10",
          "identify_user_id": "737",
          "location": "Amsterdam, Netherlands",
          "location_url": ",123",
          "local_time": "03:57am (CEST)",
          "identify_data": {
            "account": "4245122",
            "email": "",
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