Filters: hide the Chatlio widget on selected pages

If you want your Chatlio widget to show up only on some of your pages, you can add filters that define where the widget should be hidden. The widget will still load on the pages where you want the widget to be hidden, and you can still choose to display it using the Chatlio JavaScript Widget API.

Here is how to hide the widget on a page:

  1. Open the Chatlio dashboard.

  2. Select the widget for which you wish to hide.

  3. On the Behavior tab, find the “Hide the Chatlio widget on selected pages” section.

  4. Add JavaScript Regular Expressions (aka “regexs”) for which page(s) you want to hide the widget. If you are unfamiliar with regexs, here are some pointers to help you get started:

    To hide the widget on your blog, add this filter:

    To hide the widget only on last years blog posts, add this filter:

    For a site with a fullscreen video player-page where you don’t want the Chatlio widget, try this:


    Note: If you have more than one page where you want to hide the widget, separate each page regex with a newline.

    Scriptular is a great resource to play around with your regexps. Add the URLs you wish to match in the “Test Strings” box and keep tweaking until it matches (or dig in really deep over at

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